Cooked and trimmed onsite, we have a mixture of both dark and light meat accompanied by mashed potato, Vegetables and gravy.  This meal is ideal for an individual and is often reported to be enough for "2nds" for many of our senior customers

Turkey Dinner

  • Our meals atre made traditionally, and we use ingredients like butter, cream, bread crumb, salt, pepper etc.    These meals are not intended for those with specialty diets. (however we can accomidate bulk orders with special instructions - 20 or more)

  • We have found 3 successful ways

    #1, Thaw for 30 minutes and cook on 325 for 45 minutes for the BEST experience

    #2, Cook from frozen with lid on for 45 minutes at 375 (this is quick and may cause some meat to dry up

    #3, thaw completely, Swap contents to a plate and microwave it... Don't ask us how long... we won't chance the quality! lol